Ulusoypark is providing the energy and natural resources more efficiently used, the necessary measures to prevent damage to the environment of the waste area to create a more liveable environment and aims to increase the consciousness of the society on these matters.

As aware of that, “sustainability “is accepted by the society, we adopted communication and collaboration with the community by holistic, transparent and reliable management for our environmental Works. Our basic principle in our operations in different sectors; to take the responsibility of product and service lifecycle. With this approach, we manage our activities by taking into account the environmental impact at every stage of our development.

Corporate Environmental Policy
  • We create and implement our environmental standards, beyond the legal obligations.
  • We aim to perfection by knowledge and experience sharing among enterprises.
  • We take the proactive approach to continually improve our environmental performance in all our activities.
  • We distinguish the environmental hazards and handle them.
  • We try to apply the best available production techniques.
  • We contribute to sustainability while monitoring environmental developments and convert them to the job opportunities.
  • We encourage environmental awareness and information exchange for the development of society.
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