Principles of Social Responsibility

Ulusoypark (takes care) corporate social responsibility activities which form an significant measure of sustainability those are among the primary topics in All the world's agenda concern.

When the investors selecting sectors and companies to be cooperated, they care whether a component of their investment spent for the social responsibilities or similar activities or not.

And in this direction, Companies transfer a part of their revenues to the various social responsibility projects, in order to support their communities   beyond the economic value.

Utilizing our resources more efficiently one hand is a necessity of prudent management duty
On the other hand, it's our citizenship responsibility. 

Showing  a great care while we  are using   them  all kinds of resources are  offered us by the world;   This is reflection of the respect we have for the humanity ,earth, environment,  future generations and for ourselves; 

Our Basic Principles

  • We, Ulusoypark attentive to fulfil the social and environmental responsibility towards our society with our employees, the public and civil society organizations and other stakeholders in close collaboration, within in all geographies in which we work.
  • We believe that our human resources are the most important component of sustainable development. We provide full and accurate use of the personal rights of our employees. We approach honest and fair to the employees, and committed a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We take in the necessary efforts for our employees to enable their personal development; and keep a balance between work life and individual life of them.
  • We do not accept any race, colour, sex, political opinion, language, creed, religion, creed, age, discrimination among the employees in the organization with physical disabilities and other similar reasons.
  • We obtain ways to compatible work of the individuals who have different opinions, ideas, views and opinions by Supporting cooperation, positive and harmonious working environment and preventing conflicts.
  • We manage conscientiousness all kinds of environmental impacts that may arise by reason of our activities. All our companies are responsible to identify and carry out the necessary improvements and rehabilitation to minimize negative environmental impact of their activities in the appropriate level of their activities. 
  • As Ulusoypark, We strive for the development of our society in the framework of corporate social responsibility princibles.We support our employees to voluntarily involve the appropriate social and community activities with their socially responsibility.
  • We treat sensitive to the traditions and culture of Turkey and other lands where we operate; and We comply with all regulations when we ran.
  • We encourage our companies to be certificated for their operations to insure conformity to international criteria.
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