Business Ethics

As Ulusoypark managers and employees, we all are responsible for taking out natural actions in accordance with existing laws in an ethical manner and well-behaved. For all of us, this guidance has been set up to be sure, whether we get it right the rules that we necessitate to follow and the criteria that will determine our way of doing in this direction.

Ulusoypark Business Ethics covers the basic rules of our organization behaviour. This includes Ulusoypark‘s common values as well as mirroring the changes taking place in the social Legal and economic conditions.


For all our business operations and relationships our accuracy and honesty are our core values. We work with unity and honesty in our relationships with all our stakeholders and employees.


Private and confidential information; include the information of Ulusoypark and Group companies that might contribute to a competitive disadvantage, trade secrets, financial and other information is revealed to the public, staff knowledge of personal rights and "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties in this frame.

Conflict of Interest
As Ulusoypark employees, we aim to avoid conflicts of interest. We avoid using Ulusoypark name and strength and Ulusoypark our identity in order to gain personal benefit.

In case of any potential conflict of interest, we apply these methods, when we think that the interests of involved parties can be safely protected by legal and honourable methods.
Our Responsibilities

As well our legal responsibilities; We take care to fulfil our responsibilities on behalf Ulusoypark towards our clients, employees, stockholders, suppliers and business partners, our competitors, society, humanity

Our legal responsibility

We conduct All available domestic and international activities and procedures within the framework of Turkish law and international law; and, we offer a complete, right and understandable information to regulatory bodies and organizations in a timely manner.

When conducting All activities and procedures we keep us at an equal distance to political parties, any public establishments and arrangements, administrative bodies, civil society organizations without any prospect of benefits; and we fulfil our obligations with responsibility.


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