The briefly from the chairman

 We, Ulusoy Park continue in being firebrand in the construction industry with belief and hard working. Being fair, diligent, quick and principled is our policy. Since the year we first established heretofore, we are justifiably proud to realize a lot of projects in a short time.

Ulusoy Park respects to the environment and cultural values & architecture of the field where it is in service. This is a basic and “absolute rule” of our corporate constitution.

Our goal to develop and our actions in the field of factory farm and animal husbandry, Tourism, investment and consulting, all will grow  and become diversified;  as well as, Our core business area  the machine   and building job. Our competence in innovative service delivery of the products and pioneering will permit us to provide a more extensive range of the service and increased number of clients every day.

I express my gratitude to the all institutions, organizations and people who helped and gave us the chance to establish their projects and of course, to all our employees who come to these days with us.

Fatih Ulusoy

Sakcay Digital Solutions