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Green is verdant, Blue is deep blue..

 The colours of life are  more vivacious  in the Aksa Yaşam Konutları 
The blend of sky blue with green nature in Güzeltepe, It is an excellent project that contains the maximum opportunities for all kinds of social and sporting activities.
This is a special project which designs, the quality of life, not only in their own areas, but also   in neighbourhoods, with its Concept, green areas, and social facilities and with a housing project for the whole base. Social areas were produced in Akse Yaşam Residences where you can experience a combination of the Life, energy, joy, happiness and peace, joy, happiness and peace. An outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace and recreation, from jogging and hiking trails, multi-purpose sports arena, every opportunity is available. Everything is thought for your safety, peace of mind and for your comfort. The block, entrance lobby is the nature of the symbol of peace in your house while meeting you and your invitees.

You'll be spending your time full of joy in the aesthetics rooms and designed with high quality materials, features the spaciousness in the inter-block distance. All the needs of modern living were planned for you in a perfect way, respecting the continuous security concept. Regarding Interior and exterior design and excellent infrastructure, it was prepared for you and your family safe and to live in peace. Your perspective on life will change.

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