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Investments Continues

Industry Hotels have been   set up for domestic and foreign businessmen who began   to pour into  the OSB   (organized  Industrial Zobe). Ertaş - Ulusoy partnership in Gebze and also DIMES administration in Dudulu have taken the first step.
Labor intensity in the organized industrial zone served to the tourism business. Foreign and local Businessmen come to   the area for business purpose, when the number of them increased, Business hotels began to be made to match the demand for long term accommodation of them. Particularly in Istanbul and the surrounding neighbourhood, including manufacture, some groups focusing on this area due to   growing need in Turkey.
Ertaş -Ulusoy partnership    come from   industry has involved to build sector, is one of the main group embarked for investment in this sector. Oğuz Ünver, who is  the general director of the group opened  its first  “B Suites brand “ Hotel in the joint place of Tuzla and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone ,  signifies that; “ The  number of the foreign Investors and employees come to Turkey especially  for the partnership or investigations has rapidly  increased;   and they  choose   to stay  at closer  places  instead of the city  hotels  away from the industrial centres.” 

Mr. Unver pointed that; foreign workers who come to industrial zones to perform business, need to stay not for a few days, but it would take weeks even months, so they focused on long-term stays.

Mr.  Unver said: We found out there are less number of quality hotels around the industry, so we have started out investing. We first opened   “B Suites “Hotel which   is realised with an investment of $ 8 million. And he added: “We propose to develop the brand. Our investment of 20 million dollars is continuing”
Target to Reach 15 Hotels..
Mr.Unver, "Our first hotel is the establishment which conforming to   feasibility studies, Replying to the needs of the accommodation in the district and the down to earth”.
He said “Our aim is providing a safe, economic, contemporary, and clean accommodation, to the guests of industrial organizations. We are investigating opportunities for long-term rental In the suite category in inner cities.” And he added; our goal is to make it a business contract until the end of the year. In the medium term to have 5 hotel business, totaly having a total of 15 hotels. 
Italian and French are majority
Mr. Ünver said” We are very ambitious for price because  we provide  long-term leasing possibilities   Sometimes guests  want to rest at the hotel instead of eating away every day because of  staying at the  for  1-2 months. Thus, there are cooking supplies and outdoor kitchens in rooms. They can cook their own meals as they desired. We have many clients who prefer it.”
 He emphasised “Italian, Spanish and French customers frequently visited to industrial areas and these have accommodated in our hotels.” also noted that “the recent arrival of investors from the Gulf region”
The size of the rooms offered to the customers is the 50 m2

'Work in the industrial zone is reflected us'......
Ünver, “Industrial zones with intensive business traffic. Despite the turmoil in the world economy is going well in Turkey. Foreigners are more working   with Turkish companies after the crisis.
The growth in business traffic brings about   the demand for long-term stay in these areas.
 “We realized there is a deficiency on this issue around to industrial area and we have concentrated on the area, "he stated.Ünver, said that “We have also given offer to some ready projects which  its construction is completed.”

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