Contact Principles

 This is the perception that is hoped to be established within the Communication Studies of Ulusoypark, Plans and executes to the Activities,. In line with its delegation in that; Provide a permanent rule by forming the differences    and gain an advantage, And with this vision, for the purpose of producing a value for its stakeholders manage in a way the "strategic portfolio” has   Competitive and sustainable growth potential. This targeted perception, as reflected objectives is set out   as being in front of the competitor in the sector we are in the line of work;

So far, we have adopted the principle that “we follow the right path, so never leave.” We chose to serve by   adopting our values; Honesty, integrity and reliability. We believe that we will have the Real success and happiness in this way.

We welcome comments our customers sincerely; and we show great care   to develop new products and services in line with expectations of them.

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